mad bulls

The MadBulls :

The Madras Bulls is a motorcycling club founded in Madras (now known as Chennai). The club came to being in April, 2002, with a passion towards the Royal Enfield Bullet.

The tagline "To Hell with you, To Heaven with Us" is an identity to the attitude of the MadBulls.

Initially started with 7 passionate bikers, the club has now grown to 110 MadBulls and about 1082 ( as on Oct 2011) members in the announce group. The MadBulls are a motley group of bikers with passion and spirit towards touring, brotherhood, camaraderie and zest. The MadBulls ride motorcycles from the Royal Enfield stable. Every MadBull spends time, effort and passion in customizing his/her bike as an identity to themselves.

The club operates mostly online through email with owners being Dr. D a.k.a Dodo and Brijesh a.k.a Brij.The current moderators are Navaneeth, Harish and Rajith.

Safety is of prime importance on the road. MadBulls insist on full face helmets, jackets, gloves while on rides. MadBulls are seen on the highway in a staggered formation and bright headlights.

What does it take to be a MadBull

Members who would like to be a MadBull are expected to participate in rides and attend meetings. This enables familiarity and fosters brotherhood. The MadBulls meet at 7 :00 PM on every second Saturday of the month at Maya Motors, LB Road, Adyar.

Membership also includes a meager registration fee collected either half yearly or annually.

Life of a MadBull :

Life revolves around Bullets, spare parts, where one can source them and also a constant touch with the map of India. The MadBulls are known for riding across the length and breadth of India including an annual ride to the Himalayas. Other rides include day rides to Pondy, Tada, Biriyani rides to Ambur and night rides that help train riders to cope with varied riding conditions.

A MadBull believes in Passion, Camaraderie and most importantly, Brotherhood !

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